MA 26.10 — 13:30

At the source of the creative imagination and the true and alive movement of artistic and scenic life.

Theatre. Dance. Performance. Artdirected by STÉPHANIE LUPO

The workshop aims to immerse into the sources of the imagination and the true movement of the living and authentic creative life of the artist, actor, dancer or performer. It aims as much to awaken as to reveal and express the unique creative path / voice of each one from an interior journey called here "the journey of the soul ». One of the major objectives is to offer tools allowing access to authenticity and living creative freedom. It is also an initiation into what one might call the path to knowing and realizing the unique program one has to unfold and incarnate as soul’s purpose in life.

Artist pedagogue : Stéphanie Lupo. Stage director, Performing artist, Associated Professor at Nice University, Life and Creative Coach Therapist, Phd in Theater studies.

Organizzatore: Stéphanie Lupo /Spazio ELLE

Actors, performers, dancers, circus artists, but also whoever who would like to immerse in the heart of this theme.

Fee: Normal - 399 CHF / Students - 379 CHF.

Deadline to apply : October 18th

Time: Morning (Preparation) + 1.30 pm - 6.30 pm stage work with the artist

Contact: lupo.mental22@gmail.com

More info : https://www.facebook.com/events/908571676711287?ref=newsfeed


Sala: Sala Grande
Categoria: Arti performative

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